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Happy Pi Day

Yesterday, 3/14, was Pi Day, the day when numbers nerds celebrate our favorite irrational number.  Hooray for 3.1415…!  Most people bake sweet pies to celebrate, but I thought I’d go savory.  Et voila, la quiche.

The best part of this quiche is that I used up some of the last of my frozen garden-grown Swiss chard (along with onions and Keswick Creamery feta).  As I mentioned a few weeks back, March is one of the few months of the year when I expect zero harvest.  So it seems like a great time to use up all the stuff I preserved.  Now what do I do with a few jars of pickled peppers, carrots, and beets?


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Leek and Swiss Chard Quiche1 (Large)

It was a Smitten Kitchen-inspired bonanza on Sunday when I baked a Leek and Swiss Chard Tart in a slightly modified Foolproof Pie Dough crust.  The recipes, which came from Bon Apetitit and Cooks Illustrated respectively, were both featured on Smitten Kitchen and make a delicious pairing.  I omitted the sugar and added some whole wheat flour to the crust (and next time I’d use way less fat – it’s SO rich).  And I just used 5 whole eggs instead of separating out a couple yolks in the quiche.  But I highly recommend the general concept.  This was a great way to use up a lot of my extra chard and taste the first leeks from my garden.

Leek and Swiss Chard Quiche2 (Large)

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