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Please advise me if you think I’m wrong, but I don’t think these tomatoes are going to ripen before frost:

I planted this heirloom tomato plant kind of late in the season after most of my other tomatoes failed.  But it took too long to grow big, and now these green tomatoes are just hanging around.  And even though I think of fried green tomatoes as a summertime food, there’s not a lot of other ways to make use of the inevitable green tomatoes left over at the end of the season.  I like recipes, like Gourmet’s, that use cornflakes for added crunch.  So unless I see a little color improvement on these tomatoes when I’m out in the garden again this weekend, I’m just going to pick the green fruits and have a nice little fry.


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Yay, the fried green tomatoes were a success.  My friends and I fried them up using tortilla crumbs as the breading.  I sliced the tomatoes into quarter-inch thick slices, dipped them in milk, breaded them lightly, and fried them in hot vegetable oil.  So good!

Fried Green Tomatoes (Large)

Since we had a pan of hot oil going, we also fried up some seeds from a butternut squash, and also some apple slices breaded in the extra tortilla crumbs.  Both were good little snacks, but I especially liked the fried seeds.  The frying crisped up the outer husk, making it easy to just eat the whole thing instead of having to pull out the kernel.  The moral of the story is that frying makes things awesome.

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