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It’s a bake sale!

The big news is that the DC State Fair is now officially incorporated, so we have completed the first step towards becoming an ongoing nonprofit entity that will bring you an annual fair (and other fun events throughout the year).

Now we need to raise funds to pay for the rest of the filing process.  You can donate directly here, or get involved in the bake sale!  For all the information on volunteering and baking for the sale, click here.  Hope everyone can stop by on November 20!


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A little less than a year ago, I bemoaned the fact that DC doesn’t have a state/county fair where district residents can show off their talents in vegetable gardening, pie baking, home canning, etc.

Well, a few of us bloggers decided to make it happen.  On August 28, The DC State Fair will celebrate the talents of district residents with contests such as Tastiest Tomato, Best Home-Made Pie, a photography contest, jam and pickle competitions, a poetry contest for kids, and even a home-brewed beer contest.  Please enter!

We had a great interview on DCist the other day.  This passage really encapsulates our reasons for putting this event on:

So what was your inspiration for putting together a D.C. state fair?

It’s a need that D.C. has — there are so many organizations in the District with a focus on agriculture, so many community gardens, and so much focus right now on agriculture and home gardening in general, that it would be a disservice to the community NOT to have a gathering to celebrate urban agriculture! And D.C. is full of people who love cooking, baking, home canning, and so forth. Anywhere else in the country, you’d be able to enter your prize tomato or secret-recipe pie in the county fair. We thought D.C. residents should have the same opportunity.

And the community has been really supportive: we’ve already gotten A Few Cool Hardware Stores, Kid Power, Casey Trees, Fat Man After Dark, Smorgie, and Girl Meets Food as sponsors.

Incidentally, the fair is why I could also have titled this post “Why I’m Not Posting To This Blog Very Often These Days.”  If you’re interested in entering, volunteering, or donating, please head to the DC State Fair website.  See you at the fair!

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