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Although I don’t eat much meat, I am not a vegetarian.  And nobody in my family is a vegetarian.  Yet, this year we decided to have a vegetarian Thanksgiving meal.  There was a very appealing array of vegetarian recipes in November’s issue of Sunset Magazine: Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Mushrooms and Spinach; Flaky Feta Tart; Arugula, Fennel, and Preserved Lemon salad; Balsamic-Glazed Cipollini and Red Pearl Onions.  We made all these recipes, and they were fabulous!

The sweet potato gnocchi was a big hit – I am definitely going to make it again.  The balsamic onions were sweet and wintery, which contrasted very well with the bright arugula and fennel salad.  The feta tart, which my aunt flavored with lemon zest instead of herbs, was like a light dessert.

We also roasted a whole big stalk of Brussels sprouts that my mom grew in her garden.  The stalk was so big (~4ft)  that we couldn’t even fit the whole thing in the oven!  We had to cut it down to size, but not before I took a photo:

The Brussels sprouts, before getting washed and roasted.


By roasting the Brussels sprouts on the stalk, instead of cutting them off beforehand, we got to carve off the sprouts at the table.  Not quite the same as carving a turkey, but we all agreed that we didn’t really miss the usual Thanksgiving fare.  And it was nice to not feel weighed down and overstuffed after the meal – at least, before we got to the pies.  We had a wild blackberry pie and a pumpkin pie.  After having some of each, I felt quite full indeed.

Having a vegetarian Thanksgiving didn’t feel like a sacrifice at all.  Personally, I think turkey is overrated.  To those who agree, I say: free yourself!  Having a new and non-traditional menu was a lot of fun, and this particular theme was environmentally friendly to boot.



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Week of Photos: Radishes

The last one up in my favorite photos of the year is a recent one.  I don’t even like radishes that much, but the people at the farmers market make an irresistible display.

A lovely year.

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Week of Photos: Luscious Lox

My favorite photos are mostly the ones I take at my garden or at the farmers market.  But this lox-crème fraîche-whole wheat pancake combo was not only delicious, but remarkably photogenic as well.

Yum.  Gotta make this again.

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Week of Photos: Squash Blossom

Another of my favorite photos from the growing season.  Even with a notch out of it, this squash blossom was hypnotic.

Check out the detail in the full-size version.

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Week of Photos: Purple Eggplants

Happy Thanksgiving!  I’m thankful for beautiful vegetables from the farmers market.

Clicky for the big version.

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The third in the series of my fave photos of the year.  This was also my desktop background for a while.

Yum.  Click for a mouth-wateringly detailed version.

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Week of Photos: Multicolored Harvest

Ahh, what a wonderful time it was when the garden was producing piles of delicious vegetables.  Part 2 in my week of favorite photos from the year.

Click for a big version!

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